To Read

Books that I've accrued or papers recommended to me that I've been meaning to read.

  1. Lenin, V. (1943). State and revolution. International Publishers.
  2. Adams, D. (1988). The long dark tea-time of the soul. Heinemann.
  3. Banks, I. M. (1988). Consider Phlebas. Little, Brown Book Group.
  4. Adams, D. (1991). Last chance to see. Pan Books in association with William Heinemann.
  5. Chomsky, N. (2003). Understanding Power. Vintage Publishing.
  6. Marx, K. (2008). Capital: a new abridgement (D. McLellan, Ed.). Oxford.
  7. Wladimir I. Lenin, V. L. (2010). Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism. Penguin Books Ltd.
  8. Pratchett, T. (2012). The Colour Of Magic. Transworld Publishers Ltd.
  9. Alexievich, S. (2016). Chernobyl Prayer. Penguin Books Ltd (UK).
  10. Gibson, W. (2016). Neuromancer 1. Orion Publishing Group.
  11. Kropotkin, P. (2017). The conquest of bread. Jonathan-David Jackson.
  12. Westaby, S. (2018). Fragile Lives. HarperCollins Publishers.
  13. Watson, C. (2019). The Language of Kindness. Vintage Publishing.
  14. Pratchett, T., & Gaiman, N. (2019). Good Omens. TV Tie-In. Transworld Publ. Ltd UK.
  15. Bond, G. (2019). Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds. Random House UK Ltd.
  16. Hazard, L. (2020). Hard Pushed. Cornerstone.
  17. The Secret Barrister978-1509858613. (2021). Fake Law. Pan Macmillan.
  18. Theroux, L. (2021). Theroux The Keyhole. Pan Macmillan.

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