A walk along the Tame Valley Canal

10 Aug 2020

This Sunday my mom and I decided to go for a walk along the Tame Valley Canal, wooed by the exploits of YouTube user CruisingTheCut. Our journey started near Navigation Lane, a road underneath the canal (the canal passes over in an aqueduct). A public house used to be sited here either called the Navigation or the Navigation Inn, opened 1869 and closed ca. 1997. This information was taken from Hitchmough’s Black Country Pubs, should you be interested.

Finding your way onto the towpath is easy enough, a public right of way is accessible from Navigation Lane which leads to the towpath on the left hand side of the canal (heading towards Rushall Junction). The towpath is paved and considerably wider on this side, but should you wish to walk along the other side, a small clearing can be found at the top of Beaconview Road, which brings you to the same point on the opposite side of the canal. Having joined the canal, we ventured towards Rushall Junction, the confluence of the Tame Valley and Rushall canals.