What's all this then?


Hi there! My name is Genevieve Clifford, I'm a gay trans woman undertaking postgraduate studies at Swansea University, UK. I am studying for an MSc in Computer Science. I gained a BEng degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Birmingham in summer 2020. In my spare time, I like: playing tabletop RPGs; learning how to code (primarily in Ruby, Python, and Java); baking; trainspotting (and exploring to find infrastructure) and listening to synthesiser music (either synthwave, eighties-pop or hyperpop).


This website is a repository for both my personal life. If you're looking for professional stuff, head over to my other website.


I live in the West Midlands in the United Kingdom!


If I need to share blog posts, widgets, resources or other such web stuff, it's easiest to put it on this website!


Right now!


Through this website!